OLMC School Weekly News

OLMC School Weekly News

August 8

Dear OLMC School Family,

We are coming up on the beginning of a new school year, and I’m so excited to welcome 16 new families and 25 new students to our K-8 classes.  Here’s the breakdown of new students per class:  K=2 (who were not in our PK); 1st = 5; 2nd = 2; 3rd = 4; 4th = 4; 5th = 2; 6th = 4; 7 = 2.  Please make an effort to meet these new families at orientation and to welcome them to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School.

Speaking of orientation/open house, I hope everyone in K-8 will be able to attend Tuesday, Aug. 15.  (Pre-K has a separate orientation on Aug. 16 between 8:10-11 a.m.)  We will start promptly at 6 p.m. in the church.  After a brief meeting, you will be released to the classrooms to meet the teachers and drop off any school supplies you want to bring that night.  We also ask that every family makes it over to the Holy Family Room (after the meeting in church) to pick up your family’s handbook.  If you ordered yearbooks, they will be there, too.  We also will have solar eclipse party event tickets and t-shirts for sale (or for pick-up, if you already ordered).  In addition, you will receive information about the new uniform policy that will take effect next school year.

We will lock up at 8 p.m. sharp, so everyone can get to bed early and be ready for school Wednesday, Aug. 16.  Extended Care will be available on the first day of school (bring a sack lunch).  It will be an 11 a.m. dismissal, and students should wear uniforms.

The online refresher course for child protection is up!  After receiving the initial training, you MUST complete this refresher course every year if you are a coach, faculty or staff, or a volunteer.  Go to: https://safeandsacred-diobelle.org/login/index.php.  Email your certificate of completion to pmaeser@hotmail.com or fmyatt@olmcschool.net .  If you have not attended an initial training, do not try to do the online training!  New coaches, faculty or staff, or volunteers must attend the initial training class.  The next one at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is Tuesday, Sept. 19, from 6-8 p.m. in Cabrini Hall.  Call the school office to register for this class.

If you shop at Kroger and have a shopper’s card, please take a minute to register it to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School Committee.  Just go to Kroger.com and choose organization 10318 under Community Rewards Program.  This brings in between $8,000-10,000 yearly for our school, with no effort on your part, besides linking your card to our school.  If everyone would do this, we could bring in even more!

Another no work money-maker for the school is available on Amazon.com.  If you go to smile.amazon.com, you can choose Our Lady of Mt. Carmel/St. Mary’s Education Foundation as your charity.  Then, every time you shop, a portion goes to our school foundation.

Finally, 18th Street is officially closed between Cherry Street and Monroe Street.  When you drop off students in the morning on Cherry St., please turn left (south) down 18th St. to exit.  We ask that you avoid continuing to 19th St., to avoid construction on the new school.

Peace and blessings!

Ms. Faye Myatt