OLMC School Weekly News

OLMC School Weekly News

August 16

Dear OLMC School Family,

Welcome back!  It is so great to have children in the building again!  I wanted to let you know that I went around to the classes today and spoke to the children about a couple of our students.

One of our students in third grade has alopecia.  Her hair falls out periodically in patches, and so she has some bald spots at the moment.  I just told the students to please not stare or ask questions or make fun of her in any way.

For our new families, we also have a student in junior high who has undergone cancer treatment and has also lost her hair.  We are so happy she is able to join us for school this year when she feels well.  I told the students that the same holds true for her.  Please don't stare or ask questions. These two beautiful girls are just like the rest of them.  We are all the same, made of the same spirit, in God's image.  If you could reiterate this at home with your children, we would appreciate it.

Peace and blessings,

Ms. Faye Myatt